SiamSecure Consulting Company Limited has been established with the team that has a strong expertise in IT Security. Our team has over 10 years in various types of IT security service including product-wise service and consultancy service. Guaranteed by multi-vendor certified engineers and international standard certified consultants, SiamSecure is confident to support our customers for consultancy, implementation, management, and monitoring, with experience over 500 successful projects in Thailand. SiamSecure Consulting has developed a fine tune and successful synergy between hands-on technical background and client-oriented consultancy resulting in a comprehensive and impregnable IT Security Service Provider.

Company Roadmap

  • SiamSecure Consulting Established
  • Thailand 1st Hacking Competition Event
  • Started up Consulting Service Business
  • Started up MSS Business
  • Awarded a major MSS contract with scope coverage of 40 branches
  • Started up R & D team for supporting the MSS
  • Extended the Consulting Service to include Security Compliance Service
  • Delivered PCI DSS Compliance Assessment Service for the 1st Banking Client
  • Included ISO/IEC 27001 into Security Compliance Service
  • Awarded a major ISO/IEC 27001 imp Project with scope coverage of 3 DCs, 18 districts and 13 branches
  • Migrated MSS Technology with world class products
  • Awarded a major PCI DSS Compliance Assessment for a Top 5 Banking Client
  • Managed Security Services are certified and accredited by PCI DSS
  • Certified Managed Security Services launched in PCI Community Meeting event held in Bangkok

Team Profile